Feb 9, 2008


Paul would like to add a new little member to the family. I have been very reluctant to add said member to the family. Why, you ask? Because, said member would be a dog. Paul and I would both like to start having children, anytime in fact, but Paul would like to get a jumpstart on the whole perfect dream of one big happy family, not by having a child, but by getting a dog. Now, I am not an animal hater by any means, but I have never been a huge lover of animals. I think they are cute and even fun, sometimes, when they belong to other people. However, lately we have seen a bunch of very cute dogs, and since I have the best husband in the whole world, who would do anything for me, I have started to feel like a pill for having a no pet policy and denying him this one thing. So we have started talking about possibly getting one. Of course, I had to put a ton of restrictions on this possibility.

1. It has to be cute and cuddly. Not one or the other, but both. If we are going to have a pet running around us all the time I better be able to love on it. I realize that this criteria reveals what a shallow person I can be, but I'm okay with that. ;)
2. It must stay groomed and shed as little as possible.
3. It will only be my responsibility to take care of it when Paul is out of town or on his deathbed.
4. It must be trained to be very obedient, it is not allowed to get on any furniture, including the couch or bed, and it must not be allowed to jump on people.
5. It can not be a 'yippy' dog.

Now, Paul and I agree on lots of these things. But as the following examples of my ideal dog and his show, we don't agree on my number one rule.
Paul's ideal dog: the Italian Greyhound
Now Paul says that he thinks these dogs are cute and cuddly but I wonder if secretly he wants to try to make some extra money by running races around our apartment and taking bets.

Reesa's ideal dog: the Bichon Frise

Now that is one cute cuddly dog!

Do you see our dilemma?

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Anonymous said...

I guess i am way too late since this post was from Feb. I hope you made the right decision.

You will never experience the love and the bond that you create with your Italian Greyhound with any other breed of dog or animal. They are heaven sent creatures that can bring nothing but joy and happiness into your life. I love my Iggy. And one more thing. If you get one iggy...it's iggy for life. You will never want another breed of dog again.