Dec 1, 2008


So for those of you who may not know, Reese and I work for the same company now. And as I'm sure you all know by now the economy is terrible, especially in the Mid-West. Our company makes parts for a plethora of different companies but three of our biggest buyers are General Motors, Whirlpool and Mitsubishi which have all hit very hard times. So basically our company is restructuring to survive in the tough economic times and for the last few weeks we seriously thought that we would both be laid-off because we were the last two people hired on. Well last week the whole company was on a week long shutdown but we had a meeting on Monday morning to find out exactly what they were going to do and.....WE GOT TO KEEP OUR JOBS! They laid-off 45 people total but I guess were stellar workers because we were the last two people hired and we still survived the cut! And, it's even better! We have switched to four 12 hour shifts a week instead of the normal five day, 8 hour shifts. So not only did we get to keep our jobs but now we get a three day weekend EVERY week AND 8 hours of overtime EACH!

To say that we feel truly blessed would be a major understatement!