Apr 30, 2008


I was sending Pauly a text telling him I wished we could snuggle in bed all day, watch movies and eat chocolate. I have predictive text on my phone and when I tried to spell the word 'eat' my phone predicted I was spelling FAT.

Coincidence? I think not.

Excuse me while I go eat a banana.

Apr 27, 2008


I have the best husband ever. Period. No discussion, this is not a debate, so don't try to tell me that yours is better. MINE. IS. THE. BEST. EVER!!!!

When we sit on the couch, I always sit sideways. He always lets me put my freezing cold feet under his leg to warm them up.
When we go to bed, he lets me put my freezing cold feet all over his warm feet and legs to warm them up.

People, he never complains. EVER. He very sweetly warms me up.

I rest my case.

Apr 26, 2008


I am really missing my sister Jess.
Isn't she gorgeous?! Yeah, that's what I thought.

She is on her mission in Peru.

Which, in case you didn't know, is not ANYWHERE near Kentucky.

So, please indulge me as I reminisce.

The first picture was when we first moved into our house in Sugarville. She was the cutest baby ever. She had these great big green eyes and she was always so tiny and petite. My dad used to call her 'tweezer bum' because she was so little you could pinch her bum with a pair of tweezers! Did I mention that I have a very handsome, BLOND brother. I was always so jealous of his blond hair.

The second was in California visiting our great-grandparents. I carried Jess around like she was my baby until she was 7! I loved playing mommy to her. Don't get me wrong, though, we had our moments. I can remember that when she made me mad, I would tell her that I was divorcing her and she couldn't be my sister anymore!

The third is swinging on the rope at our Auntee Sue's house in Washington.

The fourth was at our house in Sugarville. We were petting our dog Chevy Chase. (He chased a rabbit one day and never came home.)

The first picture is of us at our power tumbling meet. That's right, folks, I was a power tumbler. Hard to believe, but it's true.

The second picture is our new Christmas dresses. My granny dork always bought us Christmas dresses and it was so fun to go shopping to try them on and pick them out!

This was just 2 or 3 years ago. She adores me, what can I say?!

This was my wedding day. I was so excited to have her as my maid of honor.

This was when I flew home to see her right before she left. We're probably the cutest girls ever!
Well, thanks for walking down memory lane with me. I have to go buy a new box of tissue because I just used my last one.

Apr 25, 2008


What is his name? Paul Edward Lehr, Jr.
How long have you been married? Just over 1 year
How long did you date? 5 months and 3 days. What can I say, when it's right, it's right!
How old is he? 34
Who eats more sweets? Probably me
Who is taller? He is. He's 6 feet, I'm 5 feet!
Who can sing better? Probably me, he doesn't really ever sing.
Who is smarter? Oh, him for sure, he was smart enough to try to win me over! he he
His favorite food? Anything mexican
His favorite sport? Football. Go Steelers!
Who does the laundry? Both, but I do it a little more.
Who pays the bills? I Do
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? If you're standing at the foot of the bed facing it then I do.
Who mows the lawn? We don't have a lawn to mow, but when we do, I will be the one mowing!
Who drives? Probably half and half.
Who kissed who first? He did. He was my first kiss and it kind of freaked me out. But I sure liked it!
Who asked who out first? He asked me. He asked me multiple times and I kept telling him no because I was worried he might be a psycho (or the next Ted Bundy.) Then I gave in and the rest is history! Yay for Pauly's persistence!
Who proposed? Neither, we just started talking about getting married about 3 weeks after we started dating.
Who has more siblings? He does- He has 6 living and 2 deceased and I have 2.
Who wears the pants? We both do on the important things, but he likes to spoil me on the little things so I get to call the shots alot.

I love you so much Pauly! You are my bestest friend and I love being your wife! You're amazing and I thank Heavenly Father every day for bringing you into my life!

Apr 24, 2008


1) Gas prices are NUT'S! There is absolutely no excuse for gas to be getting so expensive so fast! I used to want to buy a Cadillac CTS for our next car, now, I think I'd be much happier with ANYTHING that would get 30+ miles to a gallon!

2) I want to learn how to play golf! Yes at one time hitting a little white ball around a field and into a hole seemed more than mind numbingly boring but I've recently taken an interest in the game. After all, everyone knows I'm a Mini Golf Master so I guess I'm just subconsciously progressing to the next level! Watch your back Tiger Woods, I'm coming!

3) We have really been checking out the housing markets lately and it amazes me how much difference there is in housing prices when you compare North Central Kentucky/South Central Indiana to the Salt Lake Vally! EVERYTHING in the Vally is easily $50k-$125k+ higher than it is here in KY/IN for a comparable home! Were not sure where our root will finally be planted with buying a home so for now were just trying to SAVE, SAVE, SAVE!!!

4) So, with my wifeys new weight loss/fitness endeavors in full swing it has really motivated me to get up off my butt, shed some unwanted weight and get back in shape! Summer time is fast approaching and a fit Pauly = an active Pauly = a fun Pauly! We have no junk food in the house to speak of, were motivated, were exercising almost every day (excluding Sundays) and we are both seeing results already! Were pretty rad....it's true! LOL

5) It's now less than 80 days till our VACATION! WooHoo! Were going to Fort Morgan, Alabama where my sister & brother-in-law got a beach house. Reese hasn't been to the beach since she was 8 and I haven't been for 2 1/2 years so needless to say, were pretty excited for the trip! I LOVE the ocean!!! I got that from my Dad I guess. As far back as I can remember until my Dad passed in 2002 he would plan 2-3 family trips to the beach every year and as a kid we ALWAYS went for 2 straight weeks EVERY summer. It was AWESOME! I miss those days!

Well it's now 6:34 a.m. here in KY, time to get ready for work and I'm sure I've probably bored you enough anyway.


Apr 19, 2008


My lovely wife Reese started this blog for us a few months ago and to date I've never made a single post....time for that to change! So most of Reese's friends probably don't know me or much about me since I was only around the utterly fantastic state of Utah for 7 months after we met! With that being said I thought I'd make my first blog post about non other than yours truly, the man, the myth, the legend.......ME.

Here are some of my likes/interests: First and foremost my hot wifey!, CHRISTMAS (I pretty much freak out over the Christmas season), traveling, guns, Cadillacs, boating, books/reading, football, baseball, hockey, museums, $$$making lots of money$$$, the ocean, Victorian houses, weightlifting and fitness (unfortunately that's been hit of miss the last year....but I'm back on track!), Pac Sun, music, dirt bikes, roller coasters, Disney World, anything to do with PIRATES...Arrr, demolition derbys, art of any kind, the color GREEN, rat rods and vintage cars in general, painting, Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi, aquariums, The Discovery Channel, sharks, vacation time, anything lime flavored, friends and MY FAMILY, 2 a.m. runs to Betos, the Pittsburgh Pirates & Steelers, Sunday afternoon football party's at my families, cheesy 1940's-60's sci-fi/monster movies, anything to do with the Civil War, anything old skool, Vans shoes, Dickie shorts, investing, hiking (although I rarley do it. LOL), Mexican food!, working (YES, I actually ENJOY working!), arcades, go-karts, Sunday afternoon drives to nowhere, going to cool shows, road trips and meeting rad new people!

And here are some of my dislikes: Rude and inconsiderate people, liars, smoking (can't stand to even be around it anymore), mustard (gag!), sushi (double gag!!), Coca-Cola, the color purple, shaving every day, sun burns, the Arizona heat, the wonderfully high humidity of Kentucky, holes in my socks, Oprah Winfrey (I'm convinced she IS the Devil!), living so far away from Utah, hunting (mostly because I can't sit still that long!), reality TV (it WILL rot your brain kids), dirty swimming pools, stuck up people, Mini Coopers, mini vans, pot holes, working more than 70+ hours a week (I did that for about 9 months!), stepping on thumb tacks, etc.

All in all I'm a way laid back guy who trys to enjoy life every day! I love my family, my friends, my wife and my life! I'll be posting a lot more in the future....and I'm sure your excited about that! =)

Until next time...........................


Pauly is a snorer. A very loud snorer. He sounds like a dirt bike or a lawnmower, and occasionally he sounds like a ton of dynamite exploding. He snores whether he lies on his back, stomach, or side. Occasionally, he does that old man snore where his cheeks actually jiggle and then he sucks in air so fast and hard that he wakes himself up. It's pretty funny when I'm not actually trying to sleep!
I knew he snored before we got married, so I was prepared. I sleep in earplugs and have since the day we got married! It doesn't bother me and I think I sleep better than I used to since I don't hear much. I guess I'm trying to store up that sleep for when the little ones keep me up all night (that was not a pregnancy announcement, I repeat, that was NOT a pregnancy announcement.)
Pauly always starts the night on his back and I sleep on my side with my back to him. This started because it turned my ears even further away from him, because believe it or not, he snores so loud I can still hear him through my earplugs, but much more quietly. Well, on occasion he rolls onto his side so he is facing me and it always wakes me up because then his snoring self is right next my right ear. Which apparently is my amazingly sensitive ear that can detect this change in snore waves. I used to sweetly shake him and say, "baby, baby, you need to turn on your back, your snoring in my ear." He'd say, "sorry baby" and roll back over. Sometimes this happens a couple of times a night and others not at all. Then it became, shake shake, "Paul you need to move" and he would. Now it has progressed to my hand cupping his face and shoving him over. No sweet words, just a quick shove to the face. Isn't married life grand?! I love you Pauly, you crazy snoring monkey!


I have recently revamped my life. I realized that even with my progress in running, I was not losing any weight. NONE. Want to know why? Because I had the attitude that I could eat whatever I wanted because I'm a runner now. Oh, brother can we say "way to shoot yourself in the foot?" All together now! The reason I originally started trying to run was to lose weight, but somewhere along the way I lost sight of everything else I needed to do. So there I was, chubby and jogging. Let me tell ya'll, it's not as fun as it sounds. I don't recommend it, unless you are going to combine it with, oh, I don't know, calorie reduction and healthy eating. :) So, I have reassessed my life, made some new goals, found a wonderful website to help (sparkpeople.com, it's free and AMAZING!) and I have lost 5 pounds since April 4! Yay, 5 pounds in 2 weeks! I'm on a roll and I'm not stopping!
My next 5k is May 10. That weekend, Owensboro hosts it's famous Barbequefest! So, I'm going to run, and then eat Burgoo. I have no idea how to spell that or even what it is, but I hear it's amazing. I'll let ya'll know. Luvs to all!

Apr 11, 2008


I was getting my groove on, jogging on the treadmill to my favorite song, when I noticed sparks flying. Then, my thighs started to tingle. Pretty soon they were burning. What in the world?! Then, tiny flames starting dancing from inner thigh to inner thigh. My legs, which were scantily clad in teeny tiny shorts that I so should not be wearing yet, were rubbing together so hard and fast that I had started a fire! It's too bad that I didn't have a marshmallow or hot dog to roast. Yum. But, my lesson was learned, and I shall here on out stick to wearing my running PANTS. ; ) Yay for exercise!