Jun 29, 2009


When did we go from this. . .

to this???

My sister is now a married woman!

We had so much fun at her wedding and receptions!

I was lucky enough to be able to do
her hair and makeup and
it was fun!

I don't know when it happened,
but somewhere along the way she changed from a
silly little sister into a
beautiful woman
who I am honored to say is one of my best friends.

She is one of my heroes.

She is funny and sweet and beautiful
and most importantly
she is my sister!

Even though she is younger than me, over the last few years she has amazed me with the person she has become and I now look up to her. I am in awe of the depth of her spiritual strength and the truly Christ-like love she is constantly striving to share.

I have always felt very protective of her and am happy to say she has married a man who is stepping in as her protector and best friend. Since we now live 1600 miles apart, it is wonderful to know that she is being taken care of in ways beyond what I, as her big sister, ever can.

Thank you, Kyle, for being her love.

Thank you, Jess, for being my sister.

I cherish all the memories we have made.
I remember when you were little
and how much I loved to carry you around
because you were my baby.

I love that we shared a bedroom for most of our childhood
and all the silly games we played.

I loved spending the weekend with you and all your crazy roommates.

Thank you for being you.

Thank you for being my sister.

I love you!

Jun 27, 2009


The bro and the hub
looking handsome.

Jun 25, 2009


One of my favorite things about
Kentucky. . .
it's green and beautiful with trees as far as the eye can see.
One of my most hated things about
Kentucky. . .
it's covered in trees, EVERYWHERE, without a mountain in sight (or anything else but green, green, green, green leaves)
Sometimes I want to scream because I feel so closed in.
I don't though, I think it would alarm Pauly.
My favorite view on our recent trip to
Utah. . .
the view from my mom's front yard.
It never gets old.

Jun 23, 2009


*virtual high five followed by a hug*
This picture is from A League of their Own.
I didn't get it off the internet though.
I took it myself.
At the ballpark where the majority of the movie was filmed.
You should be. It was pretty stellar.
Welcome to Bosse Field in Evansville, Indiana.
It was built in 1915.
It's the 3rd oldest ballpark in the United States.

just some cool pictures I took
It is now home to the Evansville Otters,
a Frontier League baseball team.
This chair looks old but it's not.
They haven't been the Otters long enough to have an antique.
It's still cool though.
What the picture doesn't show
is the giant air conditioning unit right above it
dripping water all over the chair.
I didn't sit on it.

We watched the Otters play on Saturday night. It was awesome.

This guy got to throw out the first pitch.

He was there for his bachelor party.
He's carrying a ball and chain.
That's marriage Indiana style.

Jun 22, 2009


and I'll even throw in a virtual hug
and high five if you can name the movie that this comes from


How did these sweet little itty bitty tiny precious teeny baby kitties. . .

Turn into these giant cats?
p.s. Turns out Morticia is really a Mordecai if you're picking up what I'm putting down. Apparently he was playing hide and seek.
We still just call him Ishee, but instead of being a pretty little kitty now he is Master Ishee Ninja kitty.
p.p.s. Pauly is an even crazier cat lady then me.