Jan 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Pirate Pauly!!!

My sweet Pauly celebrated his 35th birthday on December 5th! I surprised him by decorating the house, just a few balloons and a banner. I gave him some new watercoloring supplies and all 3 pirates movies. We went to dinner at his (and mine!) favorite mexican restaurant with his family and then they came to our apartment for presents cake and ice cream.

pictures are coming but the queen just came on tv and i want to watch it.

**this post is late. it is obviously not december 5th. oh well


I'm right here! I've been bad about blogging. Several reasons for this:
1 - lazy
2 - lazy
3 - working 12 hour days
4 - lazy, those 12 hour shifts are only 4 days out of the week ;)
5 - computer problems; as we speak I am typing with one hand because I have to push and pull on the monitor at the same time to get it to work. If I don't the screen jumps and flashes and triggers migraines and seizures. Seriously, it's very uncomfortable to hold and I can only do it for a few minutes until my hand cramps up. Anyone have a free computer to give us?
6 - see reasons 1, 2, and 4.

the end

Jan 9, 2009


Ummm, so I lost my blog list. Oops!! Please comment and leave me your blog address so I can put them back up! If you weren't on my list before but have been lurking around and want to be added, I say, "The more the merrier! Come one, come all!" Thank you!