Aug 25, 2008

WEIGH IN . . . and other news

Here it is, drum roll please:


Sweet chickens, I did it, I'm down some more! Lovin' my weight loss right now!

On another note: I am totally ticked off right now. I started my c210k training and hurt (or aggravated a latent injury) my hip AGAIN. So not happy about this. I am having a hard time walking let alone running. I'm scrapping the running thing for now. Until I have some insurance and can afford to go to a physical therapist, I am not risking doing permanent damage. This makes me very sad because I desperately want to be a "runner." The thing is, people, I hurt it while only jogging for a half mile. So not cool.

More news: We finally have a tv and are now getting cable. We have been without it for the last year! This is very exciting.

Aug 23, 2008


Just a reminder; this is where I've been:
2002 or so, probably 180+ pounds. Look at that fat face. I don't say that as anything but the truth. Gross.

Now here is a photo montage of my changes so far.

158 LBS , 151 LBS, 146 LBS

158 LBS, 151 LBS, 146 LBS

158 LBS, 151 LBS, 146 LBS

Me, today, at 146 pounds, looking fabulous ;)

I've still got a long way to go (about 31 more pounds to lose.)

Slowly, but surely, I'm getting there.

Bonus - I'm doing it the healthy way!

Aug 19, 2008



Aug 15, 2008


I've made a new goal. I am going to run the Medical Center 10k Classic on October 25. It's in Bowling Green, Kentucky and it should be fun! Unfortunately, even though I ran a 5k in March. . . well, that's the problem, it was in MARCH. Booo. I injured myself shortly thereafter and then let my lazy butt sit on the couch for far too long. I can't run worth a darn (what is a darn worth anyway?) Now, I'm back on it! I found a program called C210k (couch to 10k.) It's online here. He says he can get you ready to run a 10k in 10 weeks and that is exactly how long I have! I started today and I am pumped. I love having a solid goal and timeline. It keeps me much more focused. It also helps me to keep my eating on target when I am working out so this will be an all around good thing! Wish me luck!

Aug 11, 2008


I'm back after a hiatus from the weigh-in. I had a stressful couple of weeks, lost my motivation and here's the result:


Oh well.

It'll be good next week. I'm back!