Feb 24, 2009

Marjorie V. Lehr
June 22, 1930 - February 24, 2009

"Thou shalt live together in love,
insomuch that thou shalt weep
for the loss of them that die . . ."


"And it shall come to pass
that those that die in me
shall not taste of death,
for it shall be sweet unto them;"


Today we have indeed lived together in love and we mourn and weep over the loss of Pauly's sweet mother.

She is a firecracker with a loving heart and will truly be missed. We feel peace knowing that she is in a better place, free from the chains of Alzheimer's and sickness. We find joy in the wonderful memories she created for her children through her actions and the person she is.

We anxiously await the day we can be together again.

We love you Mom!

Feb 21, 2009


Pauly's mom is in the hospital. She was taken there Friday afternoon. Diagnosis - pneumonia completely covering her left lung. Sepsis (read about it here)has set in. Most of you know she is suffering from Alzheimer's. She is already weakened. They only gave her a 10% chance of survival. The good news is, she has been having breathing treatments and major doses of iv antibiotics and they seem to be working. She was more alert today and was taken off the oxygen mask. She could communicate again. We are hoping and praying for the best. Please keep her, her family, and her doctors in your thoughts and prayers.

We are so grateful for Pauly's mom and the wonderful woman she is. She is a superb mother and has given her children and those around her all she could. We are grateful for our knowledge of Heavenly Father and our Savior Jesus Christ and the power of prayer. We pray that His will for Pauly's sweet mother can be accomplished.
Thank you

Feb 18, 2009

Feb 10, 2009


And easy!

Here's the recipe for my
amazing peanut butter footballs.

1 cup peanut butter
2+ cups powdered sugar
1/2 cup melted butter or margarine
1 teaspoon vanilla

2 1/2 lbs of chocolate (the original recipe called for chocolate almond bark but I couldn't find any of that in hell, so I used semi-sweet and white chocolate chips.)

Mix peanut butter, sugar, butter and vanilla together until smooth and creamy. If it seems too sticky then add a little more powdered sugar. I think I ended up using 2 1/2 cups to get it to a good texture that wasn't too greasy feeling and would stick together. Just add extra sugar in very small amounts or the mixture will suddenly be too dry.

Shape your peanut butter however you desire. Roll it into balls, make footballs, little hearts, whatever. I do recommend making your shapes very small because this recipe is very rich. My footballs ended up about 3 inches long and I only ended up eating one because it was just too rich. Place on wax paper and chill. This is important! I didn't do this and it made dipping them in chocolate extremely difficult because then they smoosh and fall apart in the chocolate.

Melt your chocolate and then dip! Your fingers will get messy, just don't lick 'em until you're done! Place chocolate balls on wax paper until dry. I stuck mine in the freezer for about 5 minutes and then I could eat them faster!



For those of you who haven't heard, I live in HELL. Anyone remember this? Well, it got worse. A lot worse. Think same destruction but with 2-4 inches of ICE and then 3-5 inches of snow on top. Not exactly my ideal winter conditions. I live in hell.

Here's just a small sampling of the destruction.

So here's the story. On Jan. 27 it was freezing outside, high teens, low 20's. It started to rain. Yep, you heard right, rain. It should have been snowing with the temps that low, but whatever, that's what happens when you live in hell. So it rained and rained and rained. When the rain hit the ground, tree, car, etc. it froze solid. Then it just kept raining. And freezing. And raining. And freezing. And raining some more.
Our power went out around 5 or 5:30. Pauly called his work at 6:15pm (I was on a one week layoff) and asked if they were working the night shift or closing down. They said, "of course we're working!" like he was stupid for asking. I packed up some clothes and he took me to his sisters to stay the night. She has a gas fireplace so I wouldn't freeze to death in our powerless apt. Lucky her, her power never went out but everyone else in the fams did. That's where everyone ended up at some point.
He dropped me off after a scary drive on the frozen roads and headed to work. He barely made it in time but when he got there the place was dark and there wasn't a car left anywhere. That was at 7:20. So they must have decided to close the place down at, oh I don't know, 6:20, in order to have time to shut it all down and for all the workers to de-ice their cars enough to get in them and drive away. Jerks. Pauly had to turn around and drive back to his sisters house.
We all went to bed around 10:30 and not much later we started seeing what seemed like lightning lighting up the cloud covered sky, except it was green, pink, and blue. Strange. Then we were about to fall asleep when I heard the biggest crash and what sounded like an explosion. Tree limbs were falling everywhere. One huge one fell exactly in between his sisters house and their neighbors. There was so much crashing and thumps and explosions, then the strange lightning and sirens, that we couldn't sleep. A limb even fell on top of the bedroom we were sleeping in! Thankfully we didn't have any major damage that kept us from using any parts of the house. It was after 3 before we slept.
Turns out the lightning wasn't lightning, but was tree limbs crashing down on the power poles, hitting the transformers and causing explosions! There were several house fires as a result of this. People it was crazy!
Our power was only out for about 24 hours. Get this though. It has now been 3 weeks exactly and there are still people WITHOUT POWER. There are some people who have been told it may still be 2-3 weeks before they get power. 5+weeks without power! Oh my gosh! There was one area that was so hard hit, even worse than ours, that the county officials were telling people to leave the county! They said that if the residents had anywhere else to go, they needed to go, because it would be 3-4 weeks without power and they had a boil advisory on their water system.
Once businesses started opening, most were on cash payment only, something to do with the banks being closed and their credit card systems not working. The scary thing was, if you didn't have cash at home then you were out of luck, because the atms didn't work!
Can I come back to Utah?

Feb 8, 2009


Pauly is a huge Steelers fan:

Believe me, that was a big show of emotion for him. He's just not that demonstrative, but I know inside he was giggling like a school girl at the chance to watch his "beloved Steelers" play in and win the superbowl.

I am also a huge Steelers fan. (I do mean that, but I think Pauly and his family would string me up by my toe nails if I said otherwise.)

Pauly shows his love for the Steelers by watching every game, wearing their 75th anniversary special edition jersey and talking about "beating the cardinals down."

I show my love by wearing their colors on my eyes, a pink Steelers jersey (thanks again Tony and Amanda) and serving everyone peanut butter footballs (hello, can anyone say Betty Crocker?!).
Like you don't wish you could wear a pink jersey and gold eyeshadow. You know those peanut butter footballs are the cutest thing since babies.

Here's a shot of the makeup and footballs for your gazing pleasure:

Just so you know I did actually watch the game and I really enjoyed it. I know that Harrison ran 99 yards for a touchdown and that Roethlisberger threw the pass that Holmes (MVP) caught in the end zone for the win. I know who Kurt Warner is. He used to bag groceries before he was called up to play in the NFL. Too bad for him, he plays for the 2nd place Cardinals (*cough*losers*cough*.) But here is what I really know:

See this man? this man right
He is adorable. I have a small school girl crush on him. Just a small one. Pauly jokes that I would leave him for Hines Ward. Not true. I would never leave Pauly for a millionaire MVP Steelers football player. . . no, never.
However, I will happily watch every Steelers football game as long as he is playing. It's in Pauly's best interest to humor me in my crush. Really, it's a win-win situation for us both. Pauly gets football and I get that smile.
Because that's what Hines does.
He smiles.
All the time.
While playing football.
They call him Psycho Ward.
That's my boy.


Are you ready for it? I know you have all been biting your nails, eagerly waiting for blog updates from yours truly.

anywhoooooo, moving on. . .

Here's pics from Pauly's b-day:

The Decorations.
Yes, I meant to capitalize the 'd' on Decorations, because they are that awesome. Don't be jealous of my creativity.

Here's Pauly
looking slightly thrilled and minorly* (is that a word?) embarrassed after we sang to him and made him blow out his candles. Check out the awesome German chocolate cake I made. Gross, excuse me while I gag. Coconuts, pecans and any other nut should not be anywhere near my beloved chocolate. However my Pauly is even more beloved by me than chocolate (I know, hard to believe, but oh so true) so I made him his favorite cake. I didn't eat any, but everyone else loved it. Never fear, I also made brownies so I didn't miss dessert.
*I checked with my friend webster and it is in fact not a word.
I could have taken it out of the post but then you wouldn't see the real me. Just keepin' it real, peeps, always real. groovy.

Have you ever seen a cuter couple?
Never mind, don't answer that.

Anyone not living within a 15 mile radius of me (I'm talking to all you Utahns, y'all aren't even within a 1500 mile radius) notice anything different about me?

hmmmm. . .

I am now a redhead

and I love it.
I hope you do too.
If you don't, please don't tell me.
Tell me lies instead.
Lots of pretty lies.

Happy 35th Birthday to my bestest** everything.

You are my life and I will love you forever. Forever and a day. Okay, okay, forever and a million days***. Sheesh, you're so demanding. ;)

**also not a word, but I can't take credit for it.

I'm sure some 4 year old thought of it way before me.

***how could I not with "Pirate Vader" throwing gang signs my way? I mean, seriously, don't even try to tell me that you could resist that amazingness** when it came your way. Don't even try.


My computer is working again! I no longer have to suffer from hand cramps and seizures while trying to use Pauly's demented computer. So I will now be staying up all night catching up our blog (it's already after 2 am, not a whole lot of night left!) Stay tuned. . .

Feb 1, 2009

Only 1 hour to go!!!!!!!!!

Hopefully in about 5 hours from now my beloved Pittsburgh Steelers will be Super Bowl Champions once again!!! I'm freaking out!!! I'm so excited for this game!!!


I pray that this is what we will see later tonight!!!