Apr 10, 2011

Wakeboarding, grilling, and ice cream

So I was sitting next to Pauly on the couch. He was playing on the computer, looking at his geek sites (sports memorabilia collecting.) I was playing wii wakeboarding or rather trying to figure out how to play wii wakeboarding. I was finally doing well and pretty excited about it! I was able to unlock the next level. I asked Pauly, "How do they make it harder? Are the waves bigger or what?" He didn't know so I thought I would try it out.

I was wakeboarding along and noticed a rock in the water. I told Pauly that it appeared that not only did I have to wakeboard but I also had to avoid hitting objects in the water. The next thing he knew I let out a loud scream. Pauly asked me what's wrong and I told him that I hit a rock and died. His reply-

"You do know that when you die playing the wii it's not real. You're still alive. The remotes even still in your hand."

Wii wakeboarding might not kill me but I just might die laughing because of Pauly and his hilarious sense of humor!

In other news, Pauly taught me how to grill on our charcoal grill and I made hamburgers and hot dogs. They were pretty awesome! I also made ice cream in a bagggie. Pauly thought I was crazy when I told him I was going to do it but he was singing another tune while eating that ice cream! Delicious! I am loving that warmer weather is on it's way!

How cool is it that I'm blogging this from my iPhone? Xoxo

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The Jackson's said...

You guys seriously crack me up!!! You need to move out here so we can hang out again!