Jul 27, 2009


I am sitting on the couch next to my sleeping husband, with our cats curled up around us and a smile on my face. We worked a long, hard week followed by a wonderful family party at our apartment.

This is my life. I love it.

These are the moments when I realize how truly fulfilling love is. Not as in the happily-ever-after-movie-version kind of love where life is a bed of roses, but as in the I-will-love-you-and-stand-by-you-through-even-the-hardest-of-times-even-when-our-world-feels-as-though-it-is-falling-apart kind of love.

I have found that love.

His name is Paul.

He is mine and I am his. We love each other.


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The Jackson Two said...

Very nicely said. It really is amazing, just like you say. That's what Heavenly Father intended love to be. ETERNAL.